Thierry Henry, Micah & Carragher react to Arsenal's draw with Bayern! | UCL Today | CBS Sports

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, and Jamie Carragher had an engaging discussion as they shared their reactions to the recent match in which Arsenal managed to secure a draw against Bayern Munich.

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28 opiniones en “Thierry Henry, Micah & Carragher react to Arsenal's draw with Bayern! | UCL Today | CBS Sports”

  1. Still trying to understand the Saka penalty…people understand physics right?

    It is utterly ridiculous to analyse this decision using stills…it's embarrassing actually.

    He literally tries to turn and shift his weight 90 degrees when running at full speed and as a result his momentum carries his 'trailing' leg forward slightly.

    Physics: Saka's leg is in a natural position based on the rapid shift of weight and how momentum works

    Football pundits: No. Players can literally turn 90 degrees instantly when at full pace….so he must have thrown his leg.

    If you look at it in slow motion it of course looks like he's stuck his leg out. But when you rewatch it at full speed (and stop and think about the physics for a second), I'm still not convinced the ref got that right. It's certainly is not a clear cut 'dive' and almost all pundits seemed to have, in effect, called Saka out for cheating?

  2. I think once someone play first match against very experienced team you can learn from the mistakes and you can win the next leg because I'm sure they can pass it and they can go to semi-finals as well. Arsenal Are not the old team anymore they are the new experience good quality players and good team they can do it and I'm sure they will bring happy smile on all Arsenal fans faces.

  3. Saka had a good game till the last minute bulshit he did there. The Ref should give him a yellow for that. That Harry does those nonsense doesn't make it right. You don't correct a wrong with a wrong. Little wonder Harry doesn't have a trophy for all his contributions to the round leather game

  4. I initially watched this and thought was not a penalty however watching this back, this is a clear penalty. VAR has F'd us again. The reason it's a pen is Saka has no reason to go down as he is past him and pretty much has an open goal if he is not caught. It's a definite pen

  5. So you say Saka initiated the contact? Hmm i see Neur clearly extending his leg towards Saka. Please someone show me how he could have possibly stopped all his momentum, dodge Neur, jumped over his outstretched leg, and get a shot off. Physics says thats not possible cuz Neur was in his way to make contact impeeding his progress, thats a pen

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