Thierry Henry, Micah & Carragher REACT as Barcelona take advantage in QF | UCL Today | CBS Sports

Thierry Henry, Micah Richards, and Jamie Carragher on UCL Today share their reactions as Barcelona secures a advantage in the UEFA Champions League quarterfinals with a thrilling win over Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

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25 opiniones en “Thierry Henry, Micah & Carragher REACT as Barcelona take advantage in QF | UCL Today | CBS Sports”

  1. Los del psg de reian del barca porque decían que les habia tocado el rival mas facil si les llega a tocar el city o el arsenal les mete cualquiera de esos dos equipos 4 o 5 goles 😂😂

  2. They can invent… condescending tone from Peter under the banner of respect. He should know better… especially considering who reinvented Mbappe's PSG.

  3. How can carragher to be a pundit??He was terrible and reaally poor also like a player,how he can to be a pundit??He knows nothing about football!!Henry is the only one competent pundit in this ridiculous show!!

  4. That’s a genuinely awesome analysis as usual by two legends of the sport. But given his size, with a ball in the 6 yard box, it is criminal for Donnarumma not to come out to get that ball.

  5. How much is getting Peter Schmeichel for saying the sentence the can create how many competitions they want? Come on the super league would have given to us only football matches like this for free. Now, we need to go to the pub or paying a monthly fee, in addition until April (quarterfinal) there are just few interesting football matches. This is totally BS why is tel aviv in eufa confederation for instance? Why players need to travel to the middle east for playing football when it is a european competition.

  6. 1:34 bro UCL was also "invented".. Not like it was just there naturally😒. And the game you are praising, one the participant (barca) are forerunner in Super League idea. So just stfu.

  7. If Liverpool cannot get Xabi i don't understand why they didn't go for Xavi, he literally faced the same thing like Klopp did this season, losing many key players trough out the season yet still competing in the La Liga against Real Madrid and Atletico, and even more competing in UCL instead of UEL, Xavi is one of the best young coach in the world at the moment.

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