Lionel Messi ya HA COMPLETADO Fútbol

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50 opiniones en “Lionel Messi ya HA COMPLETADO Fútbol”

  1. Do we need to talk about the trophies he got without even playing in the beginning of his carrer, + bro it's PSG they win ligue 1 every year

  2. Ronaldo : 1 puskas, 5 ucl, 830+ goals Messi: 0 puskas , 4 ucl, 805 goals

    Both are great players the debate is not over 🚫

  3. After losing against Bayern if my calculations are corrrect the being 19-2 to Barca you being a Barca fan is a fraud in ucl

  4. I am no messi hater but he misses Asian champions league saudi pro league asian cup mls premier league Liga Portugal serie a Belgium league and alot more

  5. Messi hasn't won a puskas and serie a or an premier league or bundesliga or even a mls and a superlig (Turkey) or Liga portugal But Messi Is still the G.O.A.T

  6. Dont forget tho kids,ronaldo has more ucl,more trophies and more goals.He has also scored more headers then messi's left foot.

  7. First of all i really hate your voice and second thing you are dumb. Cristiano Ronaldo is the true Goat 🐐 Trophy doesn't make who is goat dumb

  8. I know everyone in the comments is gonna HATE me if I comment this

  9. What do you mean by leaving his comfort zone. Psg would have won even without Messi.
    And the goat debate will never end

  10. If you say Messi's comfort zone is Barcelona then let me tell you.. Messi was made in Barcelona.. Messi is Messi today because of Barcelona

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