Pick One, Kick One… ¿El debut de Haaland en el City o el debut de Núñez en el Liverpool?

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48 opiniones en “Pick One, Kick One… ¿El debut de Haaland en el City o el debut de Núñez en el Liverpool?”

  1. I dont think they understood the Haaland, Nunez question. Haaland is a better player but in that match, DEBUT GUYS, THAT MATCH, DEBUT!!!! DEBUT,……. DEBUT……. lol… Nunez was better in 37 minutes of play than Haalands 97mins, we all saw

  2. Peak Suarez, 31 goals 17 assists in 33 games, with no PKs… Absurd… Had Gerrard not slipped they would of had a chance at the EPL

  3. In the 15/16 season playing for Barcelona Suarez scored 59 goals & 24 Assists in 53 games… That's 83 G+A in 53 games… Those are Messi/Ronaldo numbers. If he had been playing for any other team in the world that year with those numbers he'd have won the Ballon d'Or.

  4. Fair play to VVD after only 4 years he’s already very much up there with the best CB's in prem history but Rio is better than both him n Kompany so it doesn’t matter loooool🤷🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  5. I think people underrate Aguero, he's a player I associate scoring difficult goals with, the type of near post finishes smashed into the roof of the net past a helpless keeper he's known for.

  6. If Suarez wasn’t such a rotten human being, you’d give him a fair shout in a general PL 11, forgetting longevity etc, he was one of the best technically gifted strikers, superb especially that 2013/14 season, outstanding. Was actually unplayable all season. However, Didn’t win him the PL … 😉

  7. Peak Gerrard for sure, He just had that special something that could allow him to take charge of a whole game even when his own team mates were missing and win important games.

  8. what is Jamie talking about re Rooney goal vs City it hit is shin and went in the net I am adamant that was a lucky goal it ain't even Rooney best goal because Rooney scored one similar to the Beckham goal they are referring to I think against west ham and adrian was the goalkeeper but he meant it no luck involved like the overhead kick thats my opinion anyway 🤣

  9. In all honesty
    Yes u can deagree with him sometimes but how can you not smile or laugh when ever you see Miach. The man positivity & laughter is just contigious

  10. Suarez for sure had the better peak. Aguero had the longevity and has a better Premier league legacy. Both a joy to watch.

  11. I loved how Suarez played. Remember him playing at Groningen and seeing him playing many times. He always fought for every ball and somehow could regain ball control again after losing it

  12. De Bruyne
    Rooney’s overhead kick
    Beach ball goal 😂😂😂
    Ronaldo free kick
    Di Canio
    Keane and Vieira
    Shearer (no bias as I support spurs)
    Henry (see above)
    Van Nistelrooy

    Merseyside media doing their absolute best to shoe-horn as much Liverpool in there as they can. Could have easily had Terry/Ferdinand vs Kompany or Lampard/Scholes vs De Bruyne as well as Hazard vs Arsenal/spurs instead of that average Salah goal vs Everton

  13. Suarez it's not more skill than Aguero, but he was more powerful and committ, while Kun had more finesse and a more cunning approach (nor that Luisito lackes a thing in cunning too, but he is a wokaholic too).
    In EPL Suarez played a different role than el Kun, who decided to go with the pure (lazy :)) striker one.
    Yet anyone who watched Aguero in Independiente or Atletico de Madrid, knows that el Kun was more than just that. Is funny because more or less the same happened in La Liga, but the other way around, Suarez started to play a more pure striker role and he left behind those roaming everywhere forward role from Liverpool and at the same time recieving a lot more balls and favorable situations, his in ocassions more heavier touch and less finesse became more evident, still of course a very skilled player.

    Being as obssesed with their own League as Englanders tend to be, it's logical that they might missed these situations and of course teh question is more focused in the EPL itself, but I've seen a tendency of analyzing Aguero as ahole, as a player that doesn't entirely fit his quealities, nore hsi entire carreer bar EPL.

    In fact my peak Aguero it's not the one from CITY, is that kiddo running circles around that giant Barca team from those years. Qhen he arrived to the EPL, he instantly figured out that he could cope and more in EPL with a lot less effort and more focused on scoring, even in training in his pals and his own words, I dunno how much this approach also has to do with him having perhaps more injuries than he should..

    PD: the same happened to Henry, age aside, Titi also played another type of role in La Liga than in EPL.

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