Germany vs England: Access all areas with the UK Football Policing Unit

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Senior reporter Rob Dorsett was granted unprecedented access to the UK policing operation before, during and after the recent Nations League game between Germany and England in Munich.

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39 opiniones en “Germany vs England: Access all areas with the UK Football Policing Unit”

  1. Ehrlich gesagt war 2021 ein großartiges Jahr für mich, seit ich anfing, in Kryptowährung zu investieren. Ich mache wirklich riesige Gewinne mit meiner Investition, seit ich mit Wayne Danielle zu handeln begann und ihre Berufsstrategien erstklassig sind

  2. How tactical and planned the police are in the uk and Germany is laughable compared to the mess the French police made of the Champions league final. Felt like stepping in a time machine to the 80s with how they treated us. Glad Uk police managed to understand how policing football in the community is the best way forward instead of treating us as a different animal.

  3. The germans are comfortable with England supporters in the home end because the english probably don't even know
    there's usually only retirees, under11-sides or young families supporting the national side in the stadiums nowadays. The ultra support is now sorely organised within the local bundesliga teams after the german fa 20 years ago decided to only give tickets to the official supporters club after german hooligans heavily injured a french cop at the world cup 98. Since then the support for the national team in stadiums is basically gone. So quite funny to see for the english its like the biggest thing ever to play germany

  4. And they wonder why they get banned ? ? Behold ladies and gentlemen, the nation that colonized almost the entire world now only specialises in producing hooligans and terrorists

  5. Can't stand the fans who travel to away games and act like this – sure its all well and good having pride in your nation, but this gives everyone else the impression that we're absolute morons. It the behaviour like this is a reason why many countries want us to fail, since the fans are so belligerent – at least from what I've seen and heard

    Good thing the matchday at least went a LOT better.

  6. It happens in every country, it isn't just "an English problem" yes "fans" well let's say it is hooligans acting like fans but this happens everywhere not just in England so please get it correct you just hate England. Sky Sport don't be misleading

  7. What utter buch of twats arranged this one on the anniversary of the D Day landings ? Genius. Unfortunatley we`ve missed the 40th anniversary of the falklands conflict which was on the 14th June altough Alberto Fernandez has given it the green light for next year to go ahead at the neutral venue of Malvinas

  8. To clarify this as it feels misleading, there was 6 English and 5 German arrests and of the English arrests:
    1 for claimed sexual harassment in a bar
    1 for stealing a ticket
    1 for swearing at the police
    2 for use of flares
    And 1 that actually assaulted a cop

    Doesn’t sound too far from a typical night out at any strip in the world…

  9. Good old sky news with smear campaigns to sell advertisement every club in Europe is like this ever big football match in the domestic league round Europe and police like this The the 1 percent All way get labelled as the majority beacuse it works in the media narrative

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