Relive Jimmy Johnson’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Surprise | NFL on FOX

Relive the moment NFL on FOX analyst and former Dallas Cowboys head coach Jimmy Johnson found out he would be enshrined into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Plus, find out how Coach ended up celebrating with ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons later that night.

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Relive Jimmy Johnson’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Surprise | NFL on FOX

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34 opiniones en “Relive Jimmy Johnson’s Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction Surprise | NFL on FOX”

  1. Lombardi, Belichick, Laundry, Shula were great coaches, but Jimmy Johnson was on another level. Thank you Jerry Jones you ego maniac for not making Jimmy want to stay in Dallas. So sad what Jerry did.

  2. Bears fan all day but this one was a special one… Everybody can remember "how bout them cowboys"… Jerry's legacy is just a great football story… From the U to the Boys

  3. Growing up as a Cowboys fan- Jimmy was my coach. I was too young to be around or remember the days of Landry, so this was my guy! I love Jimmy, he's an incredible, humble man. True legend, so deserving!

  4. Jimmy Johnson bragged in his own book that he used to tease and bully Janis Joplin in high school for being different. What a great man.

  5. Notice Jimmy said "When you put in the work WE did" still the humble "It's not only me, it's everyone" attitude.

  6. Football HOF has about 1% of all players and coaches who have played. That's how hard it is to make it in there.

  7. I'm not even a Cowboys fan, I'm a diehard Bears fan… but this definitely hit me right in the feels. Definitely deserved!!!

  8. I saw this live and it was wonderful to watch. So happy for Jimmy Johnson. He is beloved here in South Florida.

  9. I'm a Bears fan through & through, but this moment hit me in the feels. He definitely deserved it. Congratulations Coach!!! Welcome to Canton, OH!!!

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  11. i guess you only need to win few Superbowl's and don't matter how long you been in NFL either . so I'm guessing one day Eli manning with be getting in HOF just saying

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