Roy Keane EFUME después de que Escocia fuera goleada por Alemania | Eurocopa 2024

Escuche a Andy Robertson, Steve Clarke, Julian Naglesmann y el panel de ITV tras la goleada de Alemania a Escocia en el día inaugural. Me gusta, sigue y suscríbete a ITV Sport: YouTube: Twitter:


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50 opiniones en “Roy Keane EFUME después de que Escocia fuera goleada por Alemania | Eurocopa 2024”

  1. Hallo an die gesamte Deutsche Fussball Nationalschaft

    Ich gratuliere Euch zum grossartigen und hoch verdienten klaren Sieg. Vielen Dank für den tollen Fussball den Ihr gezeigt habt. Ich wünsche Euch weiterhin viel Erfolg.

    Mit sportlichen Grüssen

    Raphael Wellig

  2. Steve Clarke has no excuse for that performance!! None! It’s not about losing it’s about putting up some kind of fight and keeping possession and creating chances but NOTHING! Realistically we weren’t expecting to win but we were expecting some kind of game plan and nothing! Pressure will build on Steve Clarke in this tournament and if nothing is achieved he needs to be sacked and let’s get Derek McInnes in charge!

  3. How many players stay and play for a few years now like they did in the 70s and 80s? There’s no consistency and chopping and changing and I can hardly name the Scotland team now unfortunately. Germany played so well

  4. When will managers drop zonal marking, particularly against teams with quality, who just pass it around you, when you are not tackling them. Every team plays against the old firm like this and seem surprised when they find the guy on the wing with a pass and he picks out a player in the box. Only one way to play against better team and Roy said it. Hit them hard and fast, press as far up the park as possible, as the Germans did to us.

  5. Listening to that slug Sally McMoist was more cringeworthy than our performance imho . what an embarrassment to punditry he really is “we got to get balls into the box..”. Great Technical
    Analysis ‘supper Sally’ who is going to be on the end of them balls other than your chin ? Duncan Ferguson? Get a grip of yourself & retire from
    Punditry you 🔔🔚
    we got to be able to string 2 passes together first before launching ‘Hail Marys’

  6. I am convinced nations behave on a football field same as they would if they were at war. Last night the eleven Scotsmen on that field unravelled centuries of lies about braveheart Scots, they were cowering, cringy girls all ninety minutes. Or was this part of the fallout of having until very recently a non Scotsman as First Minister??!!

  7. Looked like a FIX as usual, football is bought and paid for , its easy to tell , look at the space these players give the opposition to pass the ball , i thoght i was watching the FIXED team of Rangers , REMEMBER LOOK AT THE SPACE THEY GIVE TO LET THE CROSS IN , Cadbury and Mars are in a buying war to sign Gunn

  8. As a Scot myself, this was expected. I made the claim a few weeks ago Germany will win the euros at home this year or reach the final. The usual English fans laugh it off saying it’s between them and France, usual cockiness that makes everyone want them to get beat. Are people missing the fact 2 German teams made champions league and europa final and Bayern wasn’t even in contention for the title? Frightening team.

  9. Scotland ex player pundits and fans were deluded if they thought they had a chance at all in the euros, 1 win against Gibraltar in 6 months will go home with no wins, Andy Roboo was awful as were the whole team ..clueless stood off Germany all game

  10. Germany was great but Scotland was horrible.They should have set up the game to stop and frustrate germany which they didn't.Gundo, musiala and kroos just picked up pass after pass

  11. Germany played well and Scotland had no response .It will be interesting to see how Germany will go against a more stronger team and to answer my own question with what i saw i think they are final material

  12. After the first few minutes Che adams hadn't won a single header and I was confused why they wouldn't play a more physical striker. It seemed to me like Clarke was no match for nagelsmann. Keeper didn't help and neither did the midfield. The scoreline after the red is not surprising and you could question their fight but the first goal should really not have gone in and it all fell apart from there

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