Luton 3-4 Arsenal | Extended Premier League Highlights

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32 opiniones en “Luton 3-4 Arsenal | Extended Premier League Highlights”

  1. You lot deserved a draw, I kept saying to people not to underestimate Luton and I was right. Hope yous stay up, cheers for the long highlights

  2. I hope the Arsenal YouTube channel has long highlights, but Arsenal is the only one that doesn't have long highlights

  3. If Arsenal wants to compete, they must replace or transfer the current goalkeeper. He is performing poorly and is the worst in the league by far.

  4. Judging by Luton's performance this match, I would never guess they are in the relegation zone. I hope they stay in the premier league next season.

  5. Your videos don't really capture the atmosphere – the crowd noise is barely audible through laptop speakers.

  6. Luton went with the same planned as Newcastle United.. Physical and they got away with it as usual cause these officials only react when Arsenal do it but not others

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