¡Las MAYORES Rants de Manager de la Premier League 2022/23! | EL ARREBATO de Conte, la HONESTIDAD de Pep…😡|

SUSCRÍBETE ► LO MÁS DESTACADO DE LA PREMIER LEAGUE ► CONSIGUE LAS CAMISETAS DE LA PRÓXIMA TEMPORADA DE LA PREMIER LEAGUE AQUÍ ► La icónica diatriba del Tottenham de Antonio Conte, Pep Guardiola llamando a su equipo del Manchester City… ¡aquí hay un recordatorio de las mejores diatribas gerenciales de la temporada 2022/23 de la Premier League! #premierleague Vea la Premier League EN VIVO en Sky Sports aquí ► ►TWITTER:


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26 opiniones en “¡Las MAYORES Rants de Manager de la Premier League 2022/23! | EL ARREBATO de Conte, la HONESTIDAD de Pep…😡|”

  1. I just came to say, its absolute blasphemy that we dont have an end of season GARY NEVILLE PODCAST!!!!!

  2. Gotta admire and respect Conte for speaking the truth even when he knows doing so will get him sacked… no big manager will touch Tottenham no more

  3. Conte was SO right as well. Fair play to him for having the gumption to speak the truth when nobody else inside the club would

  4. If there is a winner, surely! there must be a loser. Survival of the fittest and the beauty of nature. Must for you to live! If you want live, you must have to eat. Living things (even plants). You have to eat your opponent to win. Do you see the survival you want to live through the eyes of a coach? Rather than a moderate coach, a crazy coach is a more sincere, honest, honest, responsible, and non-actor.

  5. Conte said the same thing Jose M said before they sacked him, and Tottenham, Levy, and their fans still doesn't learn. To fix a problem, you need to find it's core!! not sacking a new manager every season. This is the same thing happen to FC Barcelona under president Bartomeu. After they sacked him and hire Joan Laporta, things changes and Barca won the La Liga 2023.

    LEVY OUT!, CHANGE ALL THE DEFENDERS and LAZY player. That's how you fix Tottenham.

  6. “There are not enemies or friends there are just interests”
    The press conference that kicked off city’s winning run, won the league and might just get us a treble 😎

  7. … whenever a manager compares himself the pep they usually end up without a job. Can’t make bold claims like that.

  8. Luton will never forget Nathan jones, huge huge part in Luton going from non league to premier league spending less than the £18.1m Watford spent last season alone on players.

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