¿Quién desafiará al Man City el próximo año? 🏆 | Debate entre Keane, Carra y Micah

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36 opiniones en “¿Quién desafiará al Man City el próximo año? 🏆 | Debate entre Keane, Carra y Micah”

  1. Let's be honest here, Arsenal scraped through a fair few 1 nils where they weren't the better side, they got lucky., it won't happen nest season.

  2. I don’t know why they think haaland has made the difference. City have never been shy of scoring goals. Having haaland hasn’t improved them at all. In fact when he doesn’t score they are effectively playing with 10 men. A great striker but it hasn’t particular improved them.

  3. De Gea has made a few mistakes but not to that level. I’m surprised Roy flames him as much as he has done. If someone made a compilation of how many times this season alone De Gea single-handedly saved United from dropping points he would shut up a bit.

  4. Man Utd's best points total in the last 10 years is 81 points – Arsenal finished on 84 this year.

  5. Arsenal finishes at # 2 but not mentioned even as underdog….great…Arsenal need that…no pressure and All Performance

  6. It's hilarious because Arsenal are far superior to Manchester United and Liverpool 😅😅😅😅😅

  7. The fact how they spoke very little about arsenal when we were literally leading the race for 90% of the season and we’re bound to improve

  8. Oh my god, the audacity 😂 they were actually naming a bang average United, a struggling Liverpool and a joke of a club which is Chelsea, as title challengers with city, and they did not even mention Arsenal 🤣 and when Micah did, he was hassled for it 😂 how I wish Arsenal to get 3-4 world class signings and kill every last one of'em next year…

  9. Similar to this year. But the only teams on the up are Man Utd and Chelsea. If City win the CL they may start to relax as well.

  10. I dont think any team can challenge City. United , Arsnel , or Forest are no different…city will give you some hope first and than they will start the winning until they got enough point to beat you. All the old big 4 teams are doing poorly when away… only play well at home is not good enough to beat city.

  11. Chelsea has no Europe …they l fight for top 4 definitely !!
    My top 4
    Chelsea/ Arsenal

  12. Chelsea 💯
    Statistically they should have won most of their games, they dominate possession, create just but they just arent clinical in front of goal. Honestly if Chelsea get a solid striker like Kane and also bolster their defence, i can see them chasing City until the end.

  13. Seriously how can you say Arsenal won't be challenging for the title next season 😮 3 absolute muppets

  14. As a man u fan the dea gea agenda is disgusting if someone else won the golden glove they would've been praise but just bc he is dea gea its almost not an achievement

  15. Also shocked at how little respect there is for Arsenal, incredible this season apart for the run in… only a slight mention! Sky, sort your commentators out!

  16. I love how you guys keep in ignoring Newcastle as genuine contenders…. Let’s just see how next season unfolds, shall we?

  17. To be honest I don't see anybody stopping city next year but city them self's the way city dominated real was scary if they really want it they'll get . Just a opinion from a United fan

  18. Liverpool with a few decent signings might give city a run but city will win it again united third again arsenal 4

  19. Look at the media trying to start the hype for United so they can then blame Ten Hag.
    The guy took over the worst United side, next season it's about building the first 11 and bench out and the season after that we should be competing for a title.

  20. Surely villa are in the conversion for champions league next season. Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea maybe yesterday's news.

  21. Chelsea spent half a million, finished bottom half and have a higher chance of challenging than Arsenal that finished 5 behind the champions? Ahahahahah dkm man! The agenda is unreal

  22. Just a quick hello to Jamie Gallagher and all the best wishes in the Europa league for his Liverpool…..😂 Lol. Humbling piece of pie for all the banter he gave to Manchester united fans…..from a smiling Manchester united fan.😊😊

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