Jamie Carragher names his starting front three for Liverpool next season

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Jamie Carragher made comment on the Premier League’s two new signings in Erling Haaland and Darwin Nunez. He says Haaland’s signing for Manchester City is a worry for other teams both domestically and internationally but is great news for the young forward and his new team. He also commented on the new arrival of Darwin Nunez at Liverpool saying that the timing was about right for Liverpool to refresh their attacking line up.

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34 opiniones en “Jamie Carragher names his starting front three for Liverpool next season”

  1. You are always proved wrong.Remember..Real Madrid had no chance ti beat PSG..Man City and Chelsea…absolutly no chance t win CL….well done

  2. As a Liverpool fan, I'd like to see an experienced striker brought in seeing as Mane is leaving. Nunez and Diaz will be great but I'd just like us to also have someone who has been there and done it in a top league, even if they don't play every week

  3. Chelsea will smash real Madrid , man city will win, no way real Madrid will win the ucl, liverpool will win the ucl . This guy is a choker and his voice sucks.

  4. Diaz is so overated. Jota or Bobby would start most games with Diaz being used against teams playing a high line. It's like Bobby and Jota don't exist anymore.

  5. Diaz as attacking midfielder is the winning formula. Sorry, still have to bypass the fkn officials of the calibre of everton vs city match that cost liverpool the league.

  6. Although Jota is underrated I don’t think he should be in the starting 11, when he comes on around the 60th minute he is electric, that is what he’s good at, he comes on in the last 30 minutes and can completely change the game.

  7. you can only start 11 players in a football match and i personally think with starting 11, liverpool is still far better than city. squad is not that far off between the two as shown in last season we played 12-15 more games than city.

  8. I saw a comment about making firmino play in midfield, I agree, maybe Liverpool can switch to a 433 4 and play firmino at cam, Thiago and Fabi in the middle and that could sort us out

  9. Liverpool letting mane go would be stupid the best consistent player Nunez Jota nothing like mane they won't get as many point without mane

  10. It's disappointing to see that even when Jota has proved a point, he is rarely mentioned and people are quick to hype praise on a new signing who hasn't even kicked a ball at Anfield…well we are here to see how this will end…..

  11. Hey Jamie. Could you do other clubs?

    Or would that involve learning?

    Seriously, this could be done without spitting.

  12. Agree with Carrager, Diaz has alot more energy than Jota and offers alot more creating chances. Nunez is our CF no doubt. I wasn't interested in it but knowing he can top a speed of 36.5km makes me smile. Speed is Kloops success uptop. And Jota can't fill the CF spot yes he can score, but his link up play isn't great he's the lowest passer when in that position Firmino is one of a kind so can't compare tho his workrate isn't that effective as well. Still think Jota is a monster tho, hope he finds a position.

  13. "Jamie Carragher names his starting front three for Liverpool next season". duration: 2:43
    * Jamie Carragher really starts naming his front three at 2:36 *

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