2022/23 Premier League fixtures announced

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The 2022/23 Premier League season will kick off with Crystal Palace taking on Arsenal on Friday, August 5, before Manchester City begin their title defence at West Ham on Sunday, August 7, with both games live on Sky Sports.

Everton’s Saturday Night Football clash with Chelsea on August 6 and Manchester United’s Super Sunday match-up with Brighton – which will signal the start of the Erik ten Hag era at Old Trafford – will also be live on Sky Sports on the opening weekend.

Championship winners Fulham begin their Premier League season at home to Liverpool in the lunchtime kick-off on August 6, while newly-promoted Bournemouth host Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest – back in the top-flight for the first time since 1999 – go to Newcastle in the 3pm kick-offs.

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27 opiniones en “2022/23 Premier League fixtures announced”

  1. United will struggle to finish in the top 7 has there loosing several players and there recruitment over the last decade has been shocking…they need 5 world class players and 3 squad rotational good players…the new manager will be holding his head in his hands come the end of the season…spurs Arsenal and West ham and Chelsea will be above them then Liverpool or city for the title…spurs to finish 3rd..United to scrape 7th …Villa Newcastle and wolves will be in for finishing 7th so United are screwed

  2. Is there any shot at all of seeing a fixture as a TOURIST that won't cost me a small fortune? I already know seeing my team (Arsenal, yeah…I know) would be beyond expensive but I'm visiting towards the start of the season and as much as I'd love to see the team I love disappoint me in person I'd be happy to see any match but I've been told it can be hard for tourists.

  3. All these four game's for man United is at home on the other hand these all these four away game's for Liverpool and Manchester City

  4. Can't wait to see to see man utd look toothless in the transfer window then destroy brighton on opening day

  5. Aah that's a bloody tough game for united against Brighton they'll probably grab a draw if not a loss but let's hope for a draw if it's possible for utd.

  6. Sick of these pundits etc having this diastase for Tottenham. We never said we’d challenge for the title. Putting this unrealistic expectations on our players. We can only do what we can. Stop sucking off the scousers and Klopp the flopp

  7. Hello everyone..if you want to see some predictions for today and tomorrow please check my channel..thanks for watching..have a great day.

  8. I am a city fan but please let us not all be carried away with what EH can do. He is yet to play the game for City. Football is a team game and it takes time for anyone to adjust. Same is applicable to Liverpool and Spurs. I would start making predictions once we have played 10-15 games.

  9. Crystal palce have 3 big home games 1st game last game and boxing day could be a mad season see palce doing bits from a pompey fan tbh have a sick fan base good luck Eagles x

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