Joe Buck to become newest member of Pro Football Hall of Fame | FOX SPORTS

Longtime FOX Sports broadcaster Joe Buck received news that he will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Buck got word at halftime of the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals game on Thursday Night Football. Joe and Jack Buck become the first father and son to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The seven-time Emmy winner has been with FOX since 1994.

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Joe Buck to become newest member of Pro Football Hall of Fame | FOX SPORTS

Fox Sports

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45 opiniones en “Joe Buck to become newest member of Pro Football Hall of Fame | FOX SPORTS”

  1. People for whatever reason, they dislike Joe Buck, they bash his announcing styles, look I know we're all entitled to our opinions, however with that said, in spite of his detractors, not only is Joe Buck the main announcer for the NFL on Fox, the man is also the main announcer for MLB on Fox as well, I don't think people realize how difficult that's gotta be, nor how much h pressure that's gotta be, MLB & the NFL, 2 of the biggest, sell known sports in all the ? and Joe Buck is the voice for both of them, that's kinda crazy Nd surreal if you sit back and think about it

  2. Joe gets a ton of hate but he’s a great play by play guy and a hilariously humble person uncensored.

  3. The nfl hof's worth is determined by those holding the title.

    If Joe buck is legitimately in the nfl Hof, the nfl hof is, by definition, a complete joke

  4. It's nonsense putting broadcasters in the HOF. There is a broadcasters HOF, that's the only place they should go. The NFL is gonna make the HOF meaningless in 10 years.

  5. Bro never even played in an NFL game?!?! He just took a players spot who deserved it. Joe only got in bc of his connections. This is like putting a manager in the HOF.
    This is just embarrassing honestly and should not have happened.
    He is such a boring commentator and shouldn’t be doing all these games. All bc his dad was a great announcer he became one at 25 for absolutely no reason but bc he had a dad. Joe bucks an absolute loser who can’t do anything else.

  6. We've all had our critiques of Joe Buck, I'm sure. But it seems like he's always taken it on the chin like a champ and has taken it in stride. Additionally, I think Buck's gotten better over the years and has truly become one of the premier broadcasters in North American Sports. I'm late to this party but truly: congratulations.

  7. Joe's voice is home, he is great at what he does, he speaks when he should and lets the crowd do its thing when it needs to as well. There is so much he does and I love hearing him.

  8. Joe is near flawless, he & Troy are almost Madden- Summeral level good, Congrats Joe, you’re a legend, your dad is proud

  9. It would’ve been hilarious if later on he was like “and if you’re just tuning in, I was inducted into the hall of fame earlier today” lmao

  10. Joe Buck is boring ? and Troy was a great QB not very good on TV. I'm sorry but I mute the TV when these two turds are calling a game.

  11. Congratulations to the most outstanding play by play from fox sports. He is the next person to do all sports. Joe Buck. He is another vin scully of the national baseball play by play.

  12. Getting that call is what ever great player or the games greatest contributors wait on most of their lives very special moment for any player , broadcaster,owner,coach, contributor..

  13. And the hall of fame nomination is….. CAUGHT! Well done Joe, you are an entertaining and very easy to listen to play caller.


  15. Say what you want about Joe Buck but his first instinct was to give credit to OTHER PEOPLE! That is a humble human being and a deserving recipient. I'm proud to be his fan.

  16. Mitchell. Mitchell. MITCHELL. Down to the 25. This seems like a bad joke. Has the Pro Football Hall of Fame even heard his commentary?

  17. That's cool and everyone, even kids know who the #1 longest tv broadcasting pair in NFL history is. I wasn't big on Joe at 1st and as an Eagles fan I did't like Troy back in the day. But they've filled Pat and John's shoes well. The only 1 else in the convo in my life is Al. Cool that he got into the Hall.

  18. Sorry but there are all pro legends who actually played the game and put there bodies and mental health on the line who for some reason haven't made it in but a commentator gets in??? Deion, Rod and so many others are right there just letting anybody in… its ridiculous

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