How to Keep Players Coming Back in Youth Football

Player Retention Tips in Youth Football

Part of the «mission» when you are coaching youth football should be to retain players. While youth football may not be the thing for some kids, for others it just takes a litle time to grow on them. At the end of every season I have kids on my team who have probably decided they wouldn’t come back to play another season. But somewhere along the way they change their minds to come back and have a great season that changes their opinion of the game forever. While I enjoy seeing my teams play well, execute our football plays perfectly and win Championships, I get a greater amount of satisfaction from getting my players to finish the season and come back to play another year of youth football.

There are a number of things I like to do in the 60 days after the season is over to help change some of those fence sitters minds:

The Season DVD is always a big hit. I do one that includes funny captions, all our accomplishments and we set it to Christian music. You have no idea how often those DVDs are watched by your kids and their families, several of my parents say their kids basically «wore out» the DVD from playing it so often. Heck watching it that much may even help the kids run their football plays out better. These DVDs keep the game fresh in the kids minds and sets you apart from other youth football teams that he could go play for. It may also set you apart from another sport like soccer or the dreaded fall baseball.

I have always sent these DVDs to the kids in December as a Christmas gift along with a letter. In this generic one-size-fits-all letter, I spell out how much I appreciated the season, the parents and the kids. I also include a personal message about what Christmas means to me and my family. Dave Dimmond, a friend of mine from Florida has been sending personalized letters to his kids for quite some time. He talks about how much he appreciated the players contributions to the team and talks about very specific events and attributes for each individual player. While this may seem very time consuming, Dave reports that these letters are treasured by his kids and some of the kids even frame them. This is something I will be doing for each of my players this year and for the foreseeable future.

Most youth football players need just a little bit of public encouragement to get them enthused about the game, that includes your star players. You never know which kid may be feeling a bit inadequate about his efforts. We all have kids that aren’t starters that we know will develop into good players in the coming year or two. Unfortunately some of these kids don’t understand that with a year under their belts, they will be next years «star». Some of these kids lose interest and drop out of football altogether without the proper encouragement. If we believe youth football teaches life lessons, our goal as coaches should be to retain all the kids no matter their ability. I want to retain the stars, future stars and never will be stars as well. Some uninformed people think it’s a mutually exclusive deal, bit it’s simply not true, you can play kids, retain kids and win too, even in the most competitive of youth football leagues. I’ve done it and so have many others.

Take the time to do things like this and your retention numbers will increase. Guys like Dave Dimmond are the guys kids love playing for, he’s the guy getting mobbed at the gas station by his present and former players. He tells me he gets e-mails that often start out something like this:

Coach Dimmond,

My name is John Smith, a friend of mine, Mike Jones has been raving about your youth football team for the last year. He brags about how much fun his boy Jimmy has playing for you as well as how your team went 11-0 last season scoring all those points with that offense John brags about all the time. How do I get my son signed up for your team ? Do you have any spots left?

I also like to have the kids take the team trophy home for a week. We then have them bring the trophy to school and pass it along to a teammate who keeps it for a week and then passes it along to the next player on the list. This keeps your teams name fresh at school and in the minds of impressionable young kids while giving your players something they can show off for their family and friends.

If you are coaching youth football and your teams are consistently competitive, you will get e-mails like that too, we all do. Encourage your players and get creative with keeping football fresh in their minds and not only will you get better retention numbers but you won’t be hurting for new players either.

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How to Quit Your Job With Sports Betting – 2 Tips

Do you want to quit your job and discover a better life? Sports betting could very well be the answer. Many people have used it to do just that. In fact, there have been many people who have not only quit their jobs, but also become quite wealthy through sports gambling.

If you want to make the big money in sports betting, you cannot go rushing in blindly. You have to first know what your strategy is going to be. I am the type of person who does not like to waste my time. I like to study the best in the world and short cut my success. In order to make money right away and quit your day job quickly you too will have to learn the secret sports betting strategies.

You have to learn these two critical things:

1. How to pick the winners.

2. And which games to bet on.

Once you know these two things, the sky is the limit. And it really is not as hard as you may think. The reason that most sports bettors fail is because they do not understand these two things. They bet every game under the sun and fail miserably.

They bet a lot of the games where they have very little advantage. And even if they do pick one of the right games, they have no idea how to pick the winners in those games. These are the people that lose their seed money and have very short and unprofitable gambling careers.

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3 famosas habilidades futbolísticas en cámara superlenta

A todos nos encanta ver las habilidades futbolísticas, pero ¿alguna vez has visto el elástico, el paso por encima y el Giro de Marsella en cámara súper lenta? Bueno, ahora lo tienes, así que siéntate y disfruta de algunas repeticiones de nuestras habilidades de fútbol 3 en cámara súper lenta. Si contribuye con subtítulos, títulos o descripciones, deje su nombre aquí, ¡y nos aseguraremos de que el mundo sepa quién ayudó a hacer crecer la experiencia unisportlife! SÍGUENOS EN LAS REDES SOCIALES; 🔝 *Facebook*: 📸 *Instagram*: 📲 Nuestra *página de inicio y tienda*: 🕊 *Twitter*:

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Trivia Questions and Answers – Sports Trivia Questions

Looking for something fun to do at your next party or family event? Why not try trivia? It is entertaining, exciting and everyone can get involved. Age, sex and the number of people does not matter. Trivia is for everyone and it can be played anywhere.

Sports trivia is a great choice because almost everyone knows something about sports. You may not be a hockey fan, but what do you know about skating or sailing? Almost everyone has knowledge or information about some kind of sport. You do not have to be the world’s biggest fan to enjoy sports trivia. You can print and enjoy these fifty questions that I have compiled about all different kinds of sports and sports figures. Test your knowledge or that of your friends. Enjoy!

1: Britain’s Linford Christie was banned from competing for two years in which sport?

A: The 100m dash because he tested positive for drugs.

2: Which country’s entire team was barred from competing at the Paralympics in Sydney?

A: Spain, they were caught entering non-handicapped athletes into the games.

3: Which sports figure holds the record for appearing the most times on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

A: Michael Jordan, he has been on the cover 47 times.

4: Who is the only man to play both a NFL game and a MLB game in a single day?

A: Deion Sanders

5: Which two countries have not missed one of the modern day Olympics?

A: Greece and Australia

6: Which goalie holds the record for the most wins in regular season play?

A: Patrick Roy

7: What is the maximum weight for a golf ball?

A: 1.6oz

8: In Olympic badminton how many feathers does the bird have?

A: 14

9: What professional sport did bank robber John Dillinger play?

A: Baseball

10: Who was the only person elected to both the football and the baseball hall of fame?

A: Cal Hubbard

11: Wayne Levi was the first golfer to win a PGA tournament using a colored ball. What color was the ball?

A: Orange

12: Which track and field event is banned in high schools in every state except Rhode Island?

A: The hammer throw

13: The world Cup of Soccer has only been won by three European countries. Who are they?

A: West Germany, England and Italy.

14: Which NHL team was once called the St. Patricks?

A: The Toronto Maple Leafs

15: What sport, other than baseball uses the word ‘homerun’?

A: Cricket

16: What sport awards the Maurice Podoloff Trophy?

A: Basketball, it is awarded to the most valuable player

17: How many panels make up a soccer ball?

A: 32

18: How many stitches are there on a baseball?

A: 108

19: Who was the first female parachutist?

A: Jean Genvieve Granerin in 1799, she jumped from a hot air balloon.

20: What is the most watched sport in the world?

A: Soccer (football).

21: Which sport has the largest number of participants in the world?

A: Fishing.

22: In what year did boxing become a legal sport in the US?

A: 1901

23: What edible substance was found in golf balls?

A: Honey

24: Who holds baseball’s record for the most stolen bases in a single season?

A: Rickey Henderson

25: Who holds the record for the longest hitting streak in baseball?

A: Joe DiMaggio, 56 games.

26: Who holds the record in basketball for the most career rebounds?

A: Wilt Chamberlain

27: Who holds the record in basketball for the most fouls?

A: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 4657.

28: Who holds the record in basketball for the most blocked shots?

A: Hakeem Olajuwon 3830.

29: In what year was the Ice Dancing included in the World Championship?

A: 1952, in Paris.

30: Who holds the record for the most homeruns in a single season?

A: Barry Bonds he set the record in 2001.

31: Which woman took silver in the men’s World Figure Skating Championship in 1902?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, there was no women’s events and no rule in the men’s saying a woman could not compete.

32: Who was the first woman to win the woman’ s World Figure Skating Championship?

A: Madge Syers-Cave, she won it in 1906

33: What is the name of the stadium where the Houston Astros play?

A: Minute Maid Park

34: What sport do the Houston Astros play?

A: Baseball

35: Which country won the gold medal in men’s beach volleyball at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: USA, the team of Rogers/Dalhausser defeated the Team from Brazil to win the gold.

36: Who holds the record for the most goals in the NHL?

A: Wayne Gretzky, he scored 894.

37: In which sport would you use the terms reefing and furling?

A: Sailing

38: Which sport awards the Ryder Cup?

A: Golf

39: Who holds the records for the most goals in one season in the NHL.

A: Wayne Gretzky, in the 81-82 season he scored 92 goals.

40: How many players are on the field for each team in American football?

A: 11 there are 12 in Canadian football.

41: James Naismith is credited with inventing which sport?

A: Basketball. When the game was first played there were only 13 rules.

42: Which sport has a three in the key rule?

A: Basketball, it was introduced in 1936 to cut down on contact between players.

43: In basketball how far is the free throw line from the net?

A: 15 feet or 4.6m.

44: How long is a football game?

A: 60 minutes.

45: In which sport might you find a dagger and a trapeze?

A: Sailing.

46: Which country held the 2008 Olympics.

A: The Olympics were in Beijing China.

47: Which sport awards the Winston Cup?


48: In which sport did Sonny Liston participate?

A: Boxing, he was a heavy weight.

49: Affirmed, won the triple crown in 1978, who was his regular jockey?

A: Steve Cauthen and he was the youngest jockey ever to win the triple crown.

50: Who eight gold medals at the 2008 Summer Olympics?

A: Michael Phelps in swimming.

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Torn ACL – One of the Most Common Football Injuries

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) can be one of the most devastating injuries a football player can face. Often this type of injury can put a player out of the game for an entire season and in the worst case, end the player’s career. No matter how gifted a football player is, a torn ACL can drastically affect his ability to play the sport as coordination and mobility can both be drastically impaired. Players like Willis McGahee, Dante Culpepper, and Donovan McNabb have all had their careers impacted by torn ACL injuries.

Wear a knee brace to prevent or heal a torn ACL during football games and practices

Healing a torn ACL can be difficult and, in cases when a patient wants to return to a sport, a brace or support of some kind will be necessary. As this is the most common football injury, there are braces that are designed with the sports player in mind. Not only are these knee braces designed to take the pressure off the ACL area, but also created to be strong and durable.

The DonJoy Armor Knee Brace with FourcePoint Hinge is considered by many to be the finest off-the-shelf knee brace available. Off-the-shelf means that no prescription is needed to purchase an Armor Knee Brace. The patient does not have to wait until a brace can be created for them as this brace is available immediately. The brace comes in seven sizes and it can be adjusted to fit comfortably.

There are many other advantages to the Armor knee brace including the fact that the sturdy frame allows the wearer to mold the brace to the leg. The brace is held in place by an anti-migration Supra Condyle pad that does not catch or pinch the calf. Because it is built with sports in mind it can even survive a football game and protect the knee from blunt blows with its own impact guard. There is also a guard’s hinge cover to protect the material of pants and uniforms. The hinge and guards work to build resistance which can keep the knee from either over extending or being thrown to the side. This resistance also shortens the time spent towards a full extension of the knee giving the wearer a more natural gait as they walk or run. This natural movement protects the wearer while he or she is engaged in extreme activities.

The Armor Fource Point Protective Knee Brace protects so well that many college and professional football teams are requesting that players who have weakened knees or previous ACL injuries wear this brace whether or not they are having problem with the joint prior to the game. The brace is not cumbersome and can prevent further injury to the knee safely and without sacrificing mobility.

This brace is not made only for football and anyone with ACL knee issues who is engaging in sports or other activities where the knee could be compromised could benefit from this support.

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Is the "Prima Donna" Attitude Ruining Professional Football?

More and more in professional football we see bizarre touchdown celebrations, strutting and preening after a big play of some sort, and now Chad Johnson has legally changed his last name to his number. What is going on in football today?

The «it’s all about me» attitude that seems to be showing up more and more in our society today, is running rampant through the National Football League. And while some people say it’s just the stars expressing themselves, I personally don’t like it and think that it has the potential to ruin the sport.

How you say? Well, the problem at times bleeds over into the locker room and starts to mess with team chemistry. Look at Terrell Owens for example. Everywhere he goes, eventually he is at odds with someone. And, while a tremendously talented wide receiver, TO starts his antics usually when he is not getting the football as much as he thinks he should.

In two recent games, the football was knocked loose as a player was about to enter the end zone and started his celebration early. These guys were so focused on getting the crowd to focus on them that they screwed up the play itself.

Now for a «quite the opposite» view, take a look at the New England Patriots. Arguably the most successful NFL franchise in recent times. And they focus on finding and keeping players who are team oriented and are willing to fit into their «system». And that system works. Hence three Super Bowl championships in this decade.

So what’s the right way? Well, I don’t think that you can say that there is a right way or a wrong way. But the question for the NFL is which way do the ticket holders prefer? I don’t have the answer to that, but I do know that most NFL fans that I talk to are tired of the antics and prefer their champions to be low key and full of character and integrity.

Now in all of this, there is a glimmer of hope. I read recently that more and more of the younger players coming into the league are not playing the «prima donna» game and are just focused on improving their skills and helping their team win.

I hope that this is the real trend. I’d like for my grandkids to watch these football players and see character, not just characters. If they choose to play the game at any level, I want the players that they try to be like to be someone that they can look up to.

Maybe I’m naïve, but I love the game of football and I don’t want to see it ruined by a few.

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