38 opiniones en “Momentos de venganza en el fútbol”

  1. 6:00 (Bayern Vs Liverpool) no.13 on Bayern Side is Rafinha, not Kimmich so that doesn't count as revenge on Kimmich! I think of it as an honest mistake, not a purposeful filler 🙂

  2. والله لو يجيني إشعار مشترك جديد رح أدعي له من القلب تحيا لكم من🇹🇳🇲🇦🇪🇬🇩🇿❤️🤗😍🤍👍🍯🤩🥰😘🥳😓

  3. Tbh Milner tackle wasn’t dirty, he got did his job and got ball first. It is a bad tackle for the attacker to receive, but it’s a great tackle on the defensive end and clean. You can’t control where your foot lands (I play as a defender so a lil bit of bias here)

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